TILT Trading Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by megatilt, May 24, 2017.

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    This will be the trading thread of TILT.
    I will be issuing TILT assets on most decentralized exchanges.

    How to sell TILT from the poker room for bitcoins:
    Send an email to megatiltclub@gmail.com the following details:
    Your bitshares account.
    Your player name in https://megatilt.club/
    The amount you want to convert.
    Create a sell order here: https://bitshares.org/wallet/#/market/MEGATILT_BTC

    How to buy TILT assets:
    Place a buy order here: https://bitshares.org/wallet/#/market/MEGATILT_BTC
    You will need BitBTC to buy TILT.

    How to convert TILT assets to poker room chips:
    Send TILT to megatiltclub1 and include in the memo your player name.

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