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Discussion in 'Crowdsale Updates' started by admin, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

  2. nickyhash

    nickyhash Moonstone

    Can't we find a way of integrating this into the forum rather than going off site ?
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  3. joseph

    joseph Amethyst

    I'll send in a donation to this project today.
  4. nickyhash

    nickyhash Moonstone

    I think we should have two tickers showing remaining blocks and current price per XMS based on what has been paid in the ICO.
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  5. riverhead

    riverhead Moderator Staff Member

    Can the total BTC (native, not bonus) be giving a label like "total_contrib" or something? I have hooks into the crowdsale sheet to populate values in my own portfolio tracking sheets and every time we get a new entry the total moves down a line :).
  6. BlockDoc

    BlockDoc New Member

    Whats the latest on the crowdsale? i think we need to put more hype into the crowdsale
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  7. owly

    owly New Member

    I have to agree coz i've been looking around at the different moonstone timelines, thats when i realised that there isnt much activity. If you fail to gain a lot of traction during the ico its going to be much difficult after

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